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MAKINGMODERNLIVINGPOSSIBLE Next Generation D-Frame VLT® Drive Improvedperformanceinapplicationsbetween90-315kW. Customerstodayareincreasingly demanding high efficiency in drive technology. Investments in higher efficiencyquicklypayoff,especiallyat higher power levels. One of the most efficient drives in the industry has been made more efficient. The size of the new D-Frame has been reducedbyupto68%totakeupless space in control rooms and panels. AnewIP20versionisoptimizedfor panel building, while continuing to usetheprovenbackchannelcooling concept.Backchannelcoolingnow directs90%ofcoolingairawayfrom thedriveinteriorandremoves90%of the heat generated by the drive. The compact, efficient design is the result of innovative thermal management. The new D-Frame VLT requires less panel or wall space than previous models which were already some of the smallest in their class, adding Feature Reduced size installation flexibility while reducing installation costs. The new D-frame is available in the same platforms as Danfoss’ renowned VLT drives. • FC302AutomationDriveforapplications in demanding industrial applications • FC202AquaDriveforapplications in the water and wastewater applications(andotherpumpapplications) • FC102HVACDriveforapplication intheHVACandrefrigeration industries AvailableinIP20,IP21andIP54enclosures, the new drives maintain the same award winning control platform andLCPastoday’sDanfossVLTs. Power Ratings (at 400V) Voltage Ratings: FC30290kW-250kW380-500(T5) FC202110kW-315kW380-480(T4) FC102110kW-315kW380-480(T4) Benefit Reduced in size by up to 68%. The smaller NextGen D-Frame drive uses less panel space or wall space, saving space and money. Higher efficiency results in lower operating cost, reducing cost over the life of the frequency converter. Eliminates the need for a panel when only the basic input options are required, leading to further cost savings and reduced space requirements. There are no new controls to learn. The transition from the old drive to the new drive can be made easily. IP20designenhancessafety Enablestheheat-sinktobecleanedwhen installed in harsh environments Reduces the needed air conditioning for the room, reducing up-front cost and operating cost Note:ThenewD1hFrameVLTDrivetakesup significantly less space than the older version. 68% smaller footprint in selected models provides ease of installation and lower material costs. New features increase efficiency and reduce operation costs. Higher Efficiency Basic input options • Fuses • Maindisconnect • Contactor(new) • Circuitbreaker(new) • Mainsdisconnect+contactor(new) SamecontrolplatformandLCP IP20enclosureratingfordrivesbeinginstalled into enclosures Optionalheatsink-accesspanel BackChannelCoolingpermitsupto90%of cooling air to be removed from room Facts about our products

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